Too Shy

Too Shy

“Too Shy” is everyones story. Almost everyone can relate to it in one way or another. At some point of time everyone will be too shy to do something in their lives. This short film, which was directed by Ryan Hutchins, was inspired by a short story. Too Shy follows the relationship of a boy and girl from seniors in high school to senior citizens and explores the concepts of love, death and regret. Checkout the video here. The video has been taken from ryanhutchinsfilm youtube channel.

The narration goes likes this!

I have known her since I was 9 years old. She was my best friend ever since. Everyday we used to sit together for class and exchange our notes the next day. I used to secretly stare at her face and her hair, wishing she was mine. She never used to see me the same way. And that was fine. Coz, I was with her all the time. She used to kiss my cheeks, and her caring hugs used to make me feel nice. And soon enough I realised, I wanted something more from this. I wanted to tell her straight from my heart that I loved her. But then, I was just too shy, and I don’t know why.”

“She was a dancer, and a beautiful one at that. She looked very pretty and graceful as ever. Dedicated and hard working, she was the perfect one for me. She used to write notes in her diary every day. Notes that no one could read. The beach was our favorite place to spend time together. Everyday we used to stroll endlessly. I loved the feeling of being with her all day. I wanted to tell her there, that she was more than just a friend, that I loved her. But then, I was just too shy, and I don’t know why.”

“Late in the night, when my phone rang. It was her. I wondered what happened? She used to call me and cry. She told me everything. Everything that she went through. She was feeling low and down and was wanting to be loved. I used to console her and did it selfishly though. I had noticed that when things went wrong, she always shared with me and wanted me to be around. I couldn’t sleep that night. And I figured she may not have too. I should have said the words. But then, I was just too shy, and I don’t know why.”

“There were days when I used to sing and strum for her. But she never used to enjoy. Never was she impressed. And I was fine with that. Coz, she was the best and no one could question that. Best in her dancing, best in singing, best in her acads. I was so impressed. Slowly but surely, years passed by. She had to leave the city for her masters. I always wanted to keep her close. A tight hug was all that I could do before she could leave. I wanted to keep her near, but I couldn’t tell her. And soon after she disappeared. As I had always imagined, she looked very pretty in her wedding dress. I remained seated near the aisles.”

“I used to meet her. We used to talk, share our experiences with each other. I felt I should tell her that I loved her despite my fear. But it was too awkward to express now that she was away. Distance kept us busy in our own lives. But we remained friends always. She had two kids. I loved playing with them and buying them gifts. Her husband was successful, smart and kept her happy. I remained the struggling writer I always was, alone, unpleasant.”

“After several years, I grew old. Yet alone with heart of a stone. And then one day, my phone rang. It was her husband. I got to know that the girl I had loved for 60 years was no more. She died at 69. Memories of the past came flashing to my eyes, as I paid my last respect to the love of my life. My feelings still hidden to me, her husband handed me the diary in which she used to write everyday. With a heavy heart I started reading.”

“He has been my best friend, ever since we were 9. I stared at him everyday wishing he was mine. I wanted to tell him that, but I didn’t know what he feels about me. I feared for our friendship, I feared it would all end. I held back my feelings, only hoping that he would read my signs. I notice him staring at me sometimes, but I don’t know why he looks away the next moment. I don’t know if he loves me or wants things to remain the same way. I am sure if he feels the same, he will find it in him to confess his love and convey. But then, I can’t keep waiting for long. Things need to move. I wish he tells me now. He seems too shy. Too shy, and I don’t know why.”

But that is not how the story ends.

You have to watch this video to experience the pure awesome culminate!

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